Sancheoneo experience program
Sancheoneo, Queen of stream!

Sancheoneo is salmonid fresh water fish, living in cold water. It has back spot on its deep blue back, and has white silver tummy. It is called as Queen of Valley because of the parr mark ,an airplane's window shaped pattern on its side.
It is not easy to catch Sancheoneo. because of its rarity. But at Hwacheon Ice festival, we put 2~3tons of Sancheoneo everyday into the river. So with piece of luck and by some skills, everyone can catch it very easily. There are three ways to catch Sancheoneo like ice fishing, lure fishing and bare hand fishing.

  |Sancheoneo Ice fishing( Only For unreserved people)
○ Location: Downstream region of Ice festival area(From Tunnel number 1~Gadong bo)
○ Scale : About 36,490㎡
     - Number of persons to be admitted: 8000people per day
○ Time : 08:30 ~ 18:00(Reception 08:00~16:00)


  |Sancheoneo Ice Fishing( Only For online reserved people)
○ Location: Upper region of Festival area(The bottom of Baemeorigyo ~Baemeoribo)
○ Scale : About 28,347㎡
     - Number of persons to be admitted: 6000people per day
○ Time : 08:30 ~ 18:00(Reception 08:00~16:00)
○ Way of operation : 2places for weekends, 1place for weekdays

Online Reservation

  | Sancheoneo Lure fishing 'King of Sancheoneo contest'
○ Location : Downstream region of Festival area( Gadongbo~ Hwacheongyo)
○ Scale : About 14,600㎡
○ Qualifying game Period: Jan.10~ Jan.31/Everyday 9:00~15:00
       (For people who don't want to join the contest: 15:00~18:00)
○ Final game Period: Feb.01 09:00~
○ Intimation for intervention: By order of arrival/ Internet reservation is not available
○ Fee: 12000won per person( 5000won of agricultural specialty gift certificate is provided)
○ Progress of competition: Need to join the Lure fishing contest within the time (9:00~15:00)
     - At 3 pm is the ending contest time with the sound of gong.
     - Picking up 3 fish in their basket, the winner will be a person who caught the heaviest one.
        ⇒ If same weight, an older person will be the winner.
     - Every day, First ,Second, and Third prize will get the Gift certificate
     - Awarding ceremony for winner of the final game: First prize 1, Second prize 2, Third prize 1, Participation award 2
        ⇒ 1,000,000won and a trophy will be awardefd to First prize winner,
        ⇒ 700,000won and a trophy will be awarded to Second prize winner,
        ⇒ 500,000won and a trophy will be awarded to Third prize winner,         ⇒ For participation awards, 300,000won will be awarded .
  | Bare hand fishing
○ Location : Under Bameorigyo
○ Operating hour : Everyday, 10:00~16:00
○ Scale
○ Location : Under Bameorigyo
○ Operating hour : Everyday, 10:00~16:00
○ Scale
   - Fishing pool :1Main fishing place( 12m in diameter) , 1 Fishing pool for kids( 4m in diameter)
   - Foot bath place: 5M × 12M ( The number of persons to be admitted : 60)
○ Number of operations : Weekdays: 3times( 11,13,15) weekends :4times (10,12,14,16)
   - 70 and less people per event/3 fish maximum a player a day / for about 3minutes Tel: +82-1330(Korea Tourism Organization)