Jan. 6(Sat) ~ 28(Sun). 2018
산천어축제 로고
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Sancheoneo experiences
Classification Fee
Ice fishing /
Reserved Ice fishing /
Lure fishing/Bare hand fishing /
Bare hand fishing
General (Over middle school) 12,000 5,000won F
Preferential appliance 8,000
Preschooler Free -
Ice fishing for foreigners MOU Foreigner(Regardless of age) 10,000 10,000won H
FIT 8,000 5,000won H
Ice fishing for infants Preschooler (1 fish/1person) Free -

Sancheoneo night fishing
Classification Fee
Normal General (Over middle school) 12,000 5,000won H
Preferential appliance 8,000
Preschooler Free -
Local receipt (2people /1 receipt) ~100,000won - 2 Tickets
100,000~150,000won - 4 Tickets
150,000won ~ - 6 Tickets

Other experiences in festival
Classification Fee
World ice sled Ice sled General size 5,000 3,000won H
Family size 10,000 5,000won H
World Sled (60min) 10,000 5,000won H
Bobsleigh Per person(3times) 5,000 -
Ice skating Per person(60min) 5,000 -
Snow sled Per person(3times) 5,000 3,000won H
Haneulgareugi(Zip line) Elgomi
General (Over middle school) 20,000 10,000won H
Elementary school 10,000 5,000won H
General (Over middle school) 12,000 5,000won H
Elementary school 8,000 5,000won H
Wooden bench area Per bench (Whole day) 10,000 -

Classification Fee
Sancheoneo Grill center/Sashimi center Per fish 2,000 -

Programs outside festival area
Classification Fee
Largest Indoor Ice Sculpture Plaza in Korea General (Over middle school) 5,000 3000won H
Preferential appliance 3,000

H : I love Hwacheon coupon
F : Farm product exchange coupon

Preferential appliance
- Elementary school students(In 2018)
- Multi-child family(More than 3 kids)
- People aged 65 and over(Only for identification card holder.)
- Disabled(Grades 1-3. Identification card holder and 1 protector)
- Men of merit(Certificate holder)
- Men of national merit(Certificate holder and his wife)
- Foreigner(Foreign passport holder)
- People wearing traditional customs

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