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Festival Hwacheon event

  | Hwacheon raffle event
  | Application period
 (Mon) Jan.27 ~ (Sun) Feb.16, 2020 - Permanent operation during festival period until 16:00
  | Place for application
 Information center, reserved fishing area, Seondeung plaza, and 4 township offices
  | Target
Customers who used more than 10,000 won in Hwacheon. (Foods, accommodations, stores, etc.)
※ Each receipt should show more than 10,000 won. Receipts from festival programs are not available.
  | Application method
① Get receipt after purchase things in Hwacheon (Cards/ cash). (※Except informal receipts)
② Write your name/phone number/address in the back.
③ Put it in the appointed box.
  | Prize
- Two cars (Taxes and the public utilities’ charge will be paid by the winner)

  | Night fishing ‘the biggest fish’ event
  | Event program
  Night fishing
  | Period
 Festival period
  | Application method
  Bring the Sancheoneo to the booth and measure its length
  | Operation
 ① Participate after ticketing.
 ② Bring the Sancheoneo to the booth and measure its length
    * Customers with free tickets are not available to participate.
    * Gold ring will be provided after operation hours of the day.
 ③ You can get more information from our website and night fishing booth.
  | Prize
 Gold ring

  | Sponsor’s event
  | Date
 Weekends during festival period
  | Site
 Special stage in front of Eolgomi’s castle, inside
  | Program
 Events on the spot
  | How to participate
 Find the booth and enjoy the event.

  | Ice land radio station event
  | Date
 Everyday during festival
  | How to participate
 Listen to DJ carefully and participate (Radio broadcasting, texting, talent show, etc.
  | Prize
 Gifts from sponsors

  | Eolgomi character event
  | Date
 permanent operation during festival period (09:00 ~18:00)
  | Location
 Festival site
  | Event
 Take some pictures with Eolgomi (the ice bear) inside festival area.

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