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Sancheoneo coffee museum

Sancheoneo coffee museum is a museum of coffee history and culture made by James Lee with his thousands of relics he collected for 30 years from all over the world.
This museum is giving information about the history of coffee and culture of all countries related to the coffee of the world. In this museum you can drink, understand, and feel the coffee.

      | Location
  • 21, 2-gil, Sangseung-ro, Hwacheon-eup
    •   | Size
  • 412㎡, exhibition hall, office, space for experiences, etc.
    •   | Hours of operation
  • 09:00 ~ 21:00
    -Experience and sampling event : 10:00~20:00
    •   | Inquiry
  • 033-442-2544
    •   | Operation
  • Exhibition hall, drip coffee experience

  • foundation nara e-mail:nara3005@gmail.com Tel: +82-1330(Korea Tourism Organization)
    Hwacheon County