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Snow sleighing

Enjoy snow sleighing from 40-meter snow slope to 100-meter ice slope.
After purchasing a ticket, enjoy the view of wonderful Sancheoneo festival site, riding the tube down the hill.
Why don’t you ease your stress by enjoying the speed?

      | Period
  • 09:00~17:30 during festival period (Ticket booth : 09:00~17:00)
    •   | Site
  • Upper region of Chulleong bridge
    •   | Ticket booth
  • Beside snow sleighing site
    •   | How to participate
  • Pay 5,000 won for tube first, and gift certificate will be provided when returning the tube.
    ※ You can’t use other types of sleigh or sled

  • Classification
    Gift certificate
    5 times per each tube
    5,000 won
    3,000 won of love Hwacheon gift certificate will be provided
    * Love Hwacheon gift certificate
    It’s a regional certificate of Hwacheon, so you can use it everywhere in Hwacheon like cash.

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