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About accommodations and free night fishing

      | How to use
  • Stay in Hwacheon for a night and get a free ice fishing ticket with receipt.
    *Receipts from outside Hwacheon is not available.
    •   | Available programs
  • -Night fishing, daytime ice fishing ticket on weekdays.
    -Night fishing ticket on weekends.
    ※Except for daytime ice fishing on weekends
    •   | How to participate
  • ① Bring the receipt to the ticket booth
    ② Get ice fishing tickets and enjoy fishing
    ※ If you have already purchased a ticket in advance, you may change the date of the reservation. (Refund is not available)
    •   | Incentive
  • Price of the receipt from accommodations Ice fishing tickets
    ~100,000 won
    2 Tickets
    100,000 won ~ 150,000 won
    4 Tickets
    150,000 won~
    6 Tickets

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