2023 Sancheoneo festival Logo
Reserved fishing area

      | Period
  • (Mon) Jan.7 ~ (Sun) Jan.29, 2023 – Permanent operation during festival period
    •   | Hours of operation
  • Weekdays 09:00~18:00 (Ticketing: 08:30~17:00)
    Weekends 08:30~18:00 (Ticketing: 07:00~17:00)
    * Hours of operation is a subject to change depends on the situation of the site.
    •   | Site
  • Upper region of festival area (Under Baemeori bridge ~ Baemeori stank)
    •   | Announcement
  • -This fishing area is at the lower region of festival site. Please find the location on the map in advance.
    * Number of persons to be admitted can be changed according to the weather condition.
    •   | About the reservation
  • Reservation page for Ice festival 2020 is not ready yet.
    We will post it when it’s ready.
    •   | Matters that require attention in fishing site
  • ① You can't bring foods inside fishing site for pleasant environment.
    ② You can't bring ice box, cooler, polystyrene, and paper box.
    *Tackle box is available to bring, but if it is too big, people might think it’s an ice box.
    *Plastic bag for fish will be provided when purchasing a ticket.
    ③ You can catch 3 fish per person.( Please share extra fish with others)
    ④ Personal equipment (windbreaker, tent, etc.) are not allowed in fishing area for safety.>
    ⑤ Wear thick clothes.
    ⑥ You can't smoke in fishing area.
    * Things to prepare: Fishing tool(Troll or small reel & rod), Lure (Alive baits are not allowed), Chair, Ice chisel(Chisels are ready on site)

  •   | Price
    Price of the ticket
    General(Over middle school)
    15,000 Won
    5,000won of Farm product exchange coupon
    * Preferential appliance
    10,000 Won
    Free(When coming with parents)
    *Farm product exchange coupon :
    You can use it when purchasing farming products at farming products center inside and outside the festival site.
    * Double discount is not available.

      | Preferential appliance
    - Elementary school students (preschoolers who are about to go to school are not included)
    - Multi-child family(More than 3 kids)
    - People aged 65 and over(Only for identification card holder.)
    - Disabled(Grades 1-3. Identification card holder and 1 protector)
    - Disabled(Grades 4-5. Identification card holder)
    - Men of merit(Certificate holder)
    - Men of national merit(Certificate holder and his wife)
    - Foreigner(Foreign passport holder)
    - Soldiers
    * For each discount, please bring the paper or ID card to prove the truth. Double discount is not available.
    (For Sancheoneo programs and the Largest Indoor Ice Sculpture Plaza in Korea)

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