2023 Sancheoneo festival Logo
Sancheoneo lure fishing

      | Period
  • (Mon) Jan.7 ~ (Sun) Jan.29, 2023 - Permanent operation during festival period
    •   | Hours of operation
  • 09:00~18:00 (Ticketing : 08:30~17:00)
    * Hours of operation is subject to change depends on the situation of the site.
    •   | Site
  • Lower region of Chulleong bridge in festival area
    •   | How to purchase a ticket
  • Book on site / You can’t reserve online in advance
    •   | Please remember attention in fishing area
  • - You can’t bring other equipment except fishing tool (Ice box is not available).
    - Each people can catch 3 fish.
    - For safety, fly fishing is not available.
    * Please catch additional fish into the basket in the front for others.
    (You can’t bring ice box and cooler)
    * You can’t smoke inside fishing site. Please use the smoking booth near fishing site.

  •   | About lure fishing
    Don’t you miss fishing?
    Even though the weather is freezing, we have lure fishing site.
    You can meet another happiness enjoying lure fishing right beside ice fishing site.
    To enjoy fishing, we need fishing rod, reel, and artificial bait.
    It’s better for you to bring a towel, because sometimes water drops on the reel freeze.
    Also, you should wear thick clothes and bring things to make you warm.

      | How to enjoy lure fishing
      1. Buy a ticket at a ticket booth.
      2. Find a place for casting.
      3. Choose the color of artificial bait.
      4. Catch Sancheoneo.
      5. Find grill center or sashimi center.
      6. Enjoy fresh Sancheoneo.

      | Price
    Price of the ticket
    General(Over middle school)
    15,000 Won
    5,000won of Farm product exchange coupon
    * Preferential appliance
    10,000 Won
    Free(When coming with parents)
    *Farm product exchange coupon :
    You can use it when purchasing farming products at farming products center inside and outside the festival site.
    * Double discount is not available.

      | Preferential appliance
    - Elementary school students (preschoolers who are about to go to school are not included)
    - Multi-child family(More than 3 kids)
    - People aged 65 and over(Only for identification card holder.)
    - Disabled(Grades 1-3. Identification card holder and 1 protector)
    - Disabled(Grades 4-5. Identification card holder)
    - Men of merit(Certificate holder)
    - Men of national merit(Certificate holder and his wife)
    - Foreigner(Foreign passport holder)
    - Soldiers
    * For each discount, please bring the paper or ID card to prove the truth. Double discount is not available.
    (For Sancheoneo programs and the Largest Indoor Ice Sculpture Plaza in Korea)

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