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Grill center / Sashimi center

  | How to use grill center
* Site : Both side of unreserved fishing site, reserved fishing area, MOU fishing area
* Price : 2,000 won per fish
  1. Bring your Sancheoneo to grill center.
  2. Find the staff and ask to cover your fresh Sancheoneo with foil.
  3. Remember your grill number.
  4. After 15~20 minutes, get your fish.
     (After 20 minutes, it can be burned.)
   5. Enjoy Sancheoneo with family.
* Grill container is large enough for everyone, so you don't need to bring any gridiron or fire boosting charcoal.
초대형 구이통

  | How to use sashimi center
* Site : Both side of unreserved and reserved fishing site.
  1. Bring fresh Sancheoneo to sashimi center.
  2. It will take about 10 minutes.
  3. Get your law fish, buy some vegetables and sauce, and take a sit. Enjoy the taste of Hwacheon.

  | Please remember
  * Each fish has a different size of gut, so the amount can be changed.
  * If the fish it small, it takes more time.
  * Some sashimi has small fine bones, so be careful.

  | Price
Per fish
Grill center
2,000 won
Making cuts + applying salt + foil +grill container
Raw fish center
2,000 won
Red chili pepper paste with vinegar and vegetable are on sale too.

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