2023 Sancheoneo festival Logo
Outline of Festival

Title : 2023 Hwacheon Sancheoneo Ice Festival

Festival period : (Mon) Jan.7 ~ (Sun) Jan.29, 2023 / For 23 days
     *Seondeung street/Largest Indoor Ice Sculpture Square in Korea
        : (Sat) Dec. 24. 2022 ~ (Sun) Feb. 5. 2023

Location : Hwacheon-eup and 3 other townships in Hwacheon-gun, Gangwon-do
  - Host : Hwacheon-gun(County)
  - Supervision : Nara Foundation
Main slogan
Unfrozen Hearts, Unforgettable Memories
Main programs
○ Sancheoneo experience
①Ice fishing ②Reserved ice fishing ③Lure fishing ④Ice fishing for the foreigner (MOU&FIT) ⑤Bare hand fishing ⑥Night fishing
○ Snow/Ice experience
①Snow sled ②Ice Bobsleigh ③Eolgomi castle ④Eolgomi castle ice slide ⑤Snow sculpture of Eolgomi castle ⑥World ice sled zone ⑦Haneulgareugi(Fly to the sky) ⑧Ice soccer ⑨Snow sculpture of bare hand fishing area ⑩Eolgomi figure skating ⑪Bubble suit on the ice
○ Culture/Event
①Opening ceremony ②Winter culture village ③Angel's day ④Day of Hogugi and Podoli ⑤Promotion booth of Cho Gyeong-chul Planetarium ⑥Military experience zone ⑦Random chance event ⑧Surprise event ⑨Eolgomi character event ⑩ Promotion booth of Hwacheon Tourism ⑪New Year's fortune ⑫Instant photo with Festival ⑬DMZ Sancheoneo Trekking ⑭SNS LIVE
○ Convenience / Safety
①Information center ②Rest area ③Smoking booth ④Ice land Broadcasting system ⑤Rescue team ⑥First aid center ⑦119 Safety center ⑧ Fishing guide ⑨ Community service center ⑩Festival insurance center ⑪Festival guide ⑫Tourist information center ⑬Free shuttle bus ⑭Shuttle bus for foreigner ⑮local assembly man community center
○ Food /Shopping
①Sancheoneo restaurant ②Local dish and snack bar ③Sancheoneo grill center ④Sancheoneo sashimi center ⑤Farmers market ⑥Cafeteria ⑦Fishing store ⑧Souvenir shop ⑨ Promotion booth of Ethiopia(cafe) ⑩Meat grill center ⑪Sancheneo shaped bread & waffle ⑫Roasted chestnuts
○ Seondeung street festival
①Seondeung street ② Seonseung street lighting ceremony ③Car free street ④ Seondeung street event ⑤Heart tunnel ⑥cosplay event
○ In town/Related events
① Largest Indoor Ice Sculpture Plaza in Korea ② Sancheoneo atelier ③ Sancheoneo coffee museum ④ Sancheoneo cinema ⑤ Hwacheon Cho Gyeong-chul astronomical observatory ⑥ Sun and moon live gallery Hwacheon gallery ⑦ Santa post office

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