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What's Sancheoneo?

01 If Sancheoneo is able to live, It means The river gets 1st grade.' VERY CLEAN!'
Sancheoneo is native fresh water salmoniformes salmonidae fish, living in 1st grade clean cold water under 20°C degrees, which has more than 9ppm of dissolved oxygen.

02 Queen of valley with streamlined elegant figure, and fancy parrmark.
It is called as Queen of valley as it has graceful figure, as it has white tummy, airplane window shaped fancy side parrmark, and spots on its deep blue back.

03 General opinion about Sancheoneo in newspaper
- Sancheoneo, which has known as a highly effective dish in high blood pressure, is one of the haute cuisine in Yangangdo near Baekdu mountain. : Hanguk daily report(26, March, 2001)
- Sanchoeneo is one of the health food for chairman of national defense, and it's one of the natural monument in North Korea. In Taiwan, they protect Sancheoneo as their national treasure.

04 Nutrition of Sancheoneo
1. Amino acid
Sancheoneo contains 5.44 of threonine, 34.33 of valine, 6.59 of methionine, 9.37 of isoleucine, 15.71 of leucine, 6.3 of phenylalanine, 27.33 of lysine, 19.26 of arginine, and 0.81mg of histidine and other essential amino acids.
We can get most of essential amino acids from Sancheoneo. Especially, valine, leucine, isoleucine occupies half of whole amino acid. They are the base material of muscle, they are good for fatigue, vitality, and body repairing.
2. Fatty acid
Sancheoneo contains essential fatty acid we need, for somatic growth, physical maintenance, proper functions of physiologic process.
Sancheoneo contains 3.97mg of omega3 fatty acid EPA which improves blood circulation and helps decreasing blood cholesterol, 12.48mg of DHA which is an element of brain and retina and helps supplyig nutritions to brain, 1.84mg of a-linole acid, omega-6 fatty acid prevents cardiovascular disease, 0.32mg of v- linolenic acid, 17.41mg of linolenic acid, and 0.37mg of arachidonic acid. They help biological activities in human body.
3. Vitamin
Sancheoneo contains 600μg of vitamin C per 100g which causes great sulfation effect, and prevent aging. And it contains 200μg of vitamin E, 99.1μg of vitamin B1, and 46.4μg of vitamin B2.
4. Anticancer activity experiment
There was an anticancer activity experiment (MTT assay) about Sancheoneo extract's cell growth suppression effect. And the result is, Sancheoneo extracts inhibit cancer cell growth in order of lung cancer cells, breast cancer cells, liver cancer cells, and stomach cancer cells.
-This following extract is taken from results of Sancheoneo ingredient analysis by professor Seung-si Ham from bio industry technology department in Gangwon national university.

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