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Sancheoneo experiences
Classification Fee
Ice fishing /
Reserved Ice fishing /
Lure fishing /
Bare hand fishing /
Sancheoneo night fishing
General (Over middle school) 15,000 5,000won F (Night fishing : 5,000wonH
Preferential appliance 10,000
Preschooler Free -
※ Receipts from accommodations in Hwacheon
    (Mon~Fri) Daytime or night time,
    (Sat~Sun) Night time ice fishing
    (Gift certificates will not be provided)
~100,000won - 2 Tickets
- 4 Tickets
150,000won ~ - 6 Tickets

Other experiences in festival
Classification Fee
World ice sled General size 5,000 3,000won H
Family size 10,000 5,000won H
World Sled (60min) 10,000 5,000won H
Bobsleigh Per person 5,000 -
Ice skating Per person(60min) 5,000 -
Snow sled Per person(5times) 5,000 3,000won H
Haneulgareugi(Zip line) General (Over middle school) 12,000 5,000won H
Elementary school 8,000 5,000won H

Grill center / Raw fish center
Classification Fee
Sancheoneo Grill center Per fish 2,000 -
Raw fish center Per fish 2,000 -

Programs outside festival area
Classification Fee
Largest Indoor Ice Sculpture Plaza in Korea General (Over middle school) 5,000 3000won H
Preferential appliance 3,000

H : I love Hwacheon coupon
F : Farm product exchange coupon

Preferential appliance
- Elementary school students (preschoolers who are about to go to school are not included)
- Multi-child family(More than 3 kids)
- People aged 65 and over(Only for identification card holder.)
- Disabled(Grades 1-3. Identification card holder and 1 protector)
- Disabled(Grades 4-5. Identification card holder)
- Men of merit(Certificate holder)
- Men of national merit(Certificate holder and his wife)
- Foreigner(Foreign passport holder)
- Soldiers
* For each discount, please bring the paper or ID card to prove the truth. Double discount is not available.
(For Sancheoneo programs and the Largest Indoor Ice Sculpture Plaza in Korea)

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