2023 Sancheoneo festival Logo
Cell phone chargers and storage of goods

      | Location
  • Information center, the 1st ice fishing booth, the 2nd ice fishing booth, reserved ice fishing booth, lure fishing booth, warm rest area, ice fishing area for foreigner, food court
    •   | Operation
  • Cell phone chargers and storage of goods for visitors
    •   | Price
  • For free
    •   | Notice
  • 1. Do not put
      -Foods or alive things which can go bad (including Sancheoneo)
      -Cash and jewels
      -Flammable materials, explosives(bomb, fire crackers), and weapons

    2. Operation hours and other information
      - Don’t forget to check the operation hours of the storage that you want to use.
      - Festival organization is not responsible for accidents caused by carelessness of the customer.
      -After the operation hours of the festival, we take everything from the storage and keep them in another place. You will not be able to find them after 30 days. (inquiry: Information center)

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    Charge storage

    Medium storage box

    Large storage box

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